Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Manoj Das

Formerly a resident in The Wright Center’s Allopathic Internal Medicine program, Dr. Manoj Das has returned to Northeast PA this summer as a Nephrologist with Geisinger Wyoming Valley. He credits The Wright Center for teaching him valuable skills in his current practice. “I am indebted to Dr. Linda Thomas-Hemak because I have learned a lot from her in the clinic, including how to be more empathetic and how to create a comfortable environment and interact with patients,” Dr. Das says. “I have used this in my practice when trying to create an environment of ease so patients can open up to me.”

What inspired you to study medicine? Medicine was something which came about naturally for me. As I child, I always wanted to care for people who were sick or suffering. I even used to visit hospitals to see patients and became inspired by this. I believe medicine is a noble profession, and I want to do what I can to bring a smile to patients’ faces.

How did your time with The Wright Center shape the way you currently practice medicine? The Wright Center was the best thing to happen to me since I arrived in the US. It gave me the first opportunity to get a foot into the US healthcare system and to learn ways to establish trustworthy relationships with patients. My time with The Wright Center also provided me with a broader outlook on patient care. During my time in training, I learned to not only ask about a patient’s current problem but to dig in a little more and look at past issues to provide whole-person care.

What led you to take a position in Northeast PA? Northeast PA is the first place I settled when I came to in the US and where I’ve stayed for a long time. I like the people and basically everything about this place. It was sort of natural to come back, as I have lots of friends here. I didn’t have to think too hard when I was offered the position at Geisinger, as the area was familiar and gave me a sense of reassurance that I would do well.

What led you to specialize in nephrology? Nephrology provides a holistic view of the patient and it’s all about optimizing the body’s electrolytes, acid balance and water levels. As a nephrologist, I can see patients up to three times a week, so I’m able to become their advocate for health. I get to learn so much about them, guide them and provide suggestions on things they can do to stay healthy. I’ve also always liked primary care and this is very close.

Best and most challenging parts of your new position: Since I just have started, I have yet to discover these! For now, there are new challenges every day.

Plans for the future: My short-term goal is to establish myself as a competent nephrologist and develop trust with my patients in a comfortable environment. I feel confident that I will be able to do so, because The Wright Center has given me abilities to achieve this goal. I don’t often make long-term plans; my focus is to get better each day.

Advice for aspiring physicians: My advice would be that hard work always pays off. I think everyone is God-gifted to do something special and everyone has to realize their own potential. You don’t have to do big things in life—even the small things go a long way in helping others.

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