The Wright Center Welcomes Director of Scholarly Activity and Research

Michael Irvin Arrington, PhD joined The Wright Center as the Director of Scholarly Activity and Research in September 2017. In this role, Dr. Arrington will develop the infrastructure and programming to support medical residents’ knowledge of the principles of research, including how research is conducted, evaluated, explained to patients, and applied to patient care. He will collaborate […] Read more »

The Teaching Health Center Initiative: Funding Residencies, Fueling Renewal, Generating Hope

As the largest Teaching Health Center in the nation, we are privileged to train doctors who are interested in making a genuine difference in their communities. Thanks to the tireless work of leaders in Graduate Medical Education and the support of our elected officials, the Teaching Health Center program is receiving necessary exposure at the […] Read more »

Join Us at our Upcoming Vaccine Clinics

Pennsylvania has changed its vaccination requirements for school-aged children in 2017. Is your child up to date? Join us at any one of our upcoming vaccine clinics to make sure your child is ready to go back to school. Saturday, September 2  10:00 am – 2:00 pm Scranton High School | 63 Mike Munchak Way, Scranton, PA 18508 […] Read more »

Linda Thomas-Hemak, MD and Terri Lacey, RN Highlight the Partnership of the Behavioral Health Initiative to Combat Psychiatrist Shortage

A 2015 white paper published by a physician staffing firm called it a “silent shortage.” In a country gripped by the grim phenomenon dubbed “deaths of despair,” “it” is a severe and under-appreciated shortage of the very people with the skills and knowledge necessary to reverse the trend. Our region, like the rest of the […] Read more »

The Wright Center Patient Engagement Council Celebrates a Successful Caring Hearts Panel Discussion and Dinner

The Wright Center Patient Engagement Council (PEC) hosted a Caring Hearts Panel Discussion and Dinner on Saturday, April 1, 2017 at Genetti Manor, Dickson City. The event featured a panel discussion led by well-recognized local physicians: Linda Thomas-Hemak, M.D.; Lear Von Koch, M.D.; Dipti Pancholy, M.D.; and Samir Pancholy, M.D. Paola Giangiacomo of WVIA moderated […] Read more »