DSC_0113 (800x455)We encourage all applicants to investigate whether The Wright Center is the best fit for you by taking a look into the lives of our residents and fellows.

The day of your interview, The Wright Center arranges an informal group lunch with a small number of our current residents or fellows.

We hope that you will utilize this time to speak openly about your training expectations, including work/life balance, research opportunities, curriculum, and more.

The Day of Your Interview

You are asked to arrive at the specified venue on the day of your interview promptly at 8 a.m.

The first item on the day’s agenda will be a group discussion with the Recruitment Director to provide a general introduction to the residency and fellowship training at The Wright Center and answer any of the broader questions you may have. You will then have two interviews:

  • One-on-one interview with the Recruitment or Program Director
  • Panel interview with three individuals, inclusive of faculty and administrative staff

To conclude your interview day, you will be given a resident- or fellow-guided tour of either an inpatient or outpatient training site.