IMG_3299Research Opportunities at The Wright Center

In accordance with ACGME and AOA common program requirements, as well as the spirit of academic medicine, The Wright Center provides a robust research curriculum brought to life through the research opportunities that we provide to our residents and the scholarly work that they produce.

Institutional Review Board

The Wright Center guides and generously supports our residents’ research pursuits, the focus of which is consistently patient-centered and mindful of implications in practice. All research is reviewed by The Wright Center’s Institutional Review Board.

Research Curriculum

A core belief at The Wright Center is that is takes far more than medical knowledge to create the next generation of physician leaders. Our research curriculum has application in all ACGME and AOA areas of competence. Our residents acquire the skills needed to contribute to respected literature and thereby come to appreciate its intrinsic value in practice and quality of care. In teaching our residents the skills necessary for evidence-based research, The Wright Center shapes curiosity into an appreciation for life-long learning. By graduation, each resident has learned to fuse quality improvement evidence with practice-based learning – the driving force for which all research is initiated and investigated.