Meet Dr. Pratyusha Tantravahi, National Family Medicine Resident, Washington

Dr. Pratyusha Tantravahi grew up as an immigrant and quickly developed a passion for working within the community. After her mother was treated at a free clinic, Dr. Tantravahi more fully understood doctors’ ability to give back, and soon after, began her journey into the medical field. Now at HealthPoint Auburn, Dr. Tantravahi enjoys treating a broad patient base and practicing within the  full spectrum of medicine as a family medicine resident. “We have a lot of patients who are homeless or addicted to IV drugs,” Dr. Tantravahi shares. “We acknowledge their humanity. We make sure that when they leave the hospital, they don’t get lost in the system.”

An avid traveler, Dr. Tantravahi cites her favorite destination as Ghana. In pursuit of education, she has traveled from where she grew up in India and Ghana to Michigan, Wesalco, TX and Fort Worth, TX. She is inspired by her aunt, an internist in a hospital who also owns her own clinic, and says that her aunt was one of the people who drove her to medicine. She also looks up to her grandfather, father and two uncles, all of whom are in the medical field. If she wasn’t a doctor, Dr. Tantravahi says, “I am a scientist at heart; I would be a molecular biology professor.” She also enjoys dancing: in childhood she learned Bharatanatyam (a traditional Indian dance) and is currently learning ballroom dancing. 

Dr. Tantravahi adds that her residency is helping her to develop patient relationships. She believes that when patients share elements of their personal lives, it helps her to more fully understand their needs and compels her to keep learning. ““I feel very privileged to be able hear and share in my patient’s personal stories and to be a trusted resource for my patients,” she says. “It motivates me to keep learning so I can continue to earn that privilege.”

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