Meet Dr. Thomas Ing, National Family Medicine Resident, Washington

“I didn’t choose it for medicine; I chose it for the people,” says Wright Center resident Dr. Thomas Ing on his decision to go into the medical field. Now training at The Wright Center’s National Family Medicine Residency at HealthPoint in Auburn, Washington, Dr. Ing realized young that he was passionate about both the science and the people he was teaching, and decided to combine these two in his family medicine practice. He says his residency has provided him with invaluable experience, and recalls one experience with an elderly war veteran who was diagnosed with diabetes. “The preceptor wanted me to break the news to the patient,” Dr. Ing shares. “He was initially hesitant because I was a medical student, but was glad I was the one to break the news in the end. I helped to get him back on track, I gave him a few types of socks for his comfort and he was all happy at the end.”

As a Seattle native, Dr. Ing chose The Wright Center because of its convenient location to family and friends. His maintains a close relationship with his childhood best friend, Andre, and says Andre’s energy, humor and passion for the liberal arts perfectly balances his own quieter, more science-driven nature. He cites his hard-working immigrant parents as his personal inspiration, and is grateful for the opportunity they provided him to go to college. And if he didn’t choose medicine? Dr. Ing says realistically he’d be a teacher, but would love to be an astronaut and see the world from an entirely new perspective.

The most important thing Dr. Ing has learned through his residency is how to listen. “Patients will tell you a lot; they have the experience,” he says. “They are the experts about how the disease affects them.” By listening to patients’ stories and learning how to provide quality care, Dr. Ing is on his way to becoming a highly skilled and compassionate physician leader.

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