Center of Excellence (COE)

Times have changed. It’s time recovery does too.

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The Wright Center’s Center of excellence is not a 12 step program, nor is it a rehab. It is a team who understands that no two paths of recovery are the same and that getting clean is personal.

Addiction is a lifelong disease that makes recovery a lifelong commitment. Through whole-patient care, our team works to ensure that each patient has the tools that they need to reroute the energy of addiction to behaviors that will help them stay well. Whether through counseling alone, or with Medically Assisted Treatment, our team is ready to help you start your life in recovery.

We realize that success in beating addiction is far more than physically staying clean. Unlike a traditional rehab facility which is a short term solution for most, a Center of Excellence helps those in recovery reshape their lifestyle from the comfort of their own community. Getting clean is an ongoing process that begins with ridding toxins from the body; staying clean requires us to rid them from our lifestyle altogether.

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