Preventative Health Screenings_4.3.14As a Patient-Centered Medical Home, The Wright Center believes preventative medicine is the best medicine. That’s why we’ve incorporated several preventative health screenings into our patient care visits. During an office visit, you may be asked to participate in a screening conducted to rate health indicators on the following topics:

  • Alcohol misuse
  • Cardiac risk profile
  • Depression
  • Obesity
  • Tobacco abuse

Why should I get these screenings?

Our physicians and residents believe that awareness of adverse health indicators is essential to monitor, treat, and/or counsel patients now so that everyone, especially the patient, can avoid costly healthcare later.

With emergency room utilization on the rise, The Wright Center is working to create meaningful partnerships with our patients so that each party works together for the best overall health of the patient. The physician-patient partnership allows health problems to be found earlier, save costly ER visits later, increases quality of life, and creates a full spectrum of overall health.

For example, during a cardiac risk profile, a patient may be asked about their nutrition, exercise routine, any dizziness or numbness, family history of heart issues, etc. Knowledge gained from the screening and any prescribed tests allow the physician and patient to discuss health options to reduce high blood pressure, excess weight gain, or other cardiac risk factors discovered.

A small lifestyle change or monthly blood pressure medication may reduce the risk of a stroke or heart attack – both expensive and life-altering health events. Taking a few moments now could avoid the negative outcomes following a cardiac episode such as emergency room visits, surgery, hospital stays, income loss, rehabilitation, driving limitations, and more.

Today’s medicine is about preventing illness and injury as much as possible. It’s the best medicine for the patient, the physician, and the healthcare system.

Do I have to pay for these screenings?

Depending on your insurance, these screenings may or may not be covered by your current benefits. You may receive a separate bill for the screenings, and the payment for screenings may be counted toward your annual deductible. The Wright Center strongly believes the additional cost of these screenings is beneficial to our patients, as it may decrease acute problems and high-cost treatments in the future.

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