The Wright Center Ryan White Infectious Disease Clinic


Living with HIV/AIDS

Patients living with HIV/AIDS can live long and healthy lives due to the advances made in treatment and management.
As long as patients with the disease adhere to their provider’s recommendations and maintain a healthy lifestyle, they can lead full and productive lives.
At The Wright Center Infectious Disease Clinic, we strive to provide our patients with state of the art care in a secure, culturally sensitive setting.

Thoughtful and Supportive Staff

Our staff includes Infectious Disease physicians, residents in training, medical students, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, a dietitian, mental health counselor, case managers and support staff.

Compassionate, Culturally Sensitive Care

The staff at The Wright Center Infectious Disease Clinic is dedicated to the wellness of the entire community and their families. Our team understands that the needs of each patient are unique and is committed to providing holistic care.

Clinic Hours

Doctor Availability
Tuesday and Thursday: 1pm-5pm
Wednesday: 9am – 12pm
Nurse Practitioner Availability
Monday through Friday: 9am-5pm

Our Providers

Shubhra Shetty, M.D.
Medical Director | Infectious Disease
Stephen Pancoast, M.D.
Infectious Disease
Sister Ruth Neely, CRNP
Infectious Disease

Healthcare Services

    • •   Primary and Specialty Medical Care
    • •   HIV Case Management
    • •   Mental Health Counseling
    • •   Women’s Health Services
    • •   On-Site Partner Testing
    • •   PrEP
    • •   Nutrition Services
    • •   Adherence Counseling
    • •   STD Counseling
    • •   Smoking Cessation Services