Geriatrics Fellowship


Download the Family Medicine Geriatrics Fellowship Brochure (PDF)

The Wright Center is seeking graduates of Osteopathic Family Medicine and Internal Medicine residencies that wish to pursue Geriatric Fellowship training with our inaugural, one-year training program funded by HRSA’s Teaching Health Center initiative.

This program intends to address physician shortages, maldistribution and related health disparities in response to public need.

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General Goals and Objectives


Download the Internal Medicine Geriatrics Fellowship Brochure (PDF)

The Geriatrics Fellowship will train physician leaders who are competent to deliver and coordinate the highest quality of care for geriatric patients.

This program will provide training to develop clinical competencies needed to diagnose and manage medical illnesses and injuries, as well as promote the general health of individual and geriatric populations.

Clinical experiences will include long-term care, hospice care, skilled care and rehabilitation.

Program Design

­The program will provide excellent, educational experiences necessary for the subspecialty fellow to achieve the cognitive knowledge, professional attitudes, practical community-based experience, and interpersonal and leadership skills required to specialize in the care of geriatric patients.

The clinical faculty will exemplify role modeling and provide didactic learning and comprehensive clinical opportunities as integral parts of the required curriculum.

The educational and clinical experiences will be designed to allow the fellow to assume progressive responsibility for geriatric patient care in unique training environments across the Northeastern Pennsylvania community.

Program Directors

­The program director for the Geriatrics Fellowship in Osteopathic Family Medicine is Michael Kondash, DO. Dr. Kondash is board certified in Family Medicine and Geriatrics.

The program director for the Geriatrics Fellowship in Osteopathic Internal Medicine is Edward Dzielak, DO. Dr. Dzielak is board certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. He is also a proud graduate of The Wright Center’s Internal Medicine Residency program.