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Educational Research Opportunities

In accordance with ACGME and AOA common program requirements, as well as the spirit of academic medicine, The Wright Center provides a robust research curriculum brought to life through the research opportunities that we provide to our residents and the scholarly work that they produce.

A core belief at The Wright Center is that is takes far more than medical knowledge to create the next generation of physician leaders. Our research curriculum has application in all ACGME and AOA areas of competence.

Our residents acquire the skills needed to contribute to respected literature and thereby come to appreciate its intrinsic value in practice and quality of care. In teaching our residents the skills necessary for evidence-based research, The Wright Center shapes curiosity into an appreciation for lifelong learning. By graduation, each resident has learned to fuse quality improvement evidence with practice-based learning – the driving force for which all research is initiated and investigated.

Please reach out to Nathan Cardona, IRB Administrator, Contact Person for the Office of Research Support and Compliance.

All residents will learn to recognize unique and unusual patient presentations and to develop these interesting scenarios into detailed case reports. Many will go on to present their findings at local and national forums.
During their second year, residents will learn to critically evaluate clinical operations processes to identify inefficiencies, safety concerns, unidentified needs, and other opportunities for improvement. Each resident will analyze the issue detected and develop a quality improvement plan that will be tested and implemented to remedy the initial problem.
Resident scholarly activity includes engagement in research activities, analysis of disease processes, systems-based processes, and presentation of outcomes via publication or presentation in a scientific forum (ACGME, 2012). Research activities may be completed through the development of an abstract for submission to a scientific medical journal or conference, local grand rounds presentation, or presentation of a research study to local or national medical communities.

Recent Publications and Presentations

Iatrogenic Heartbreak: Stress Cardiomyopathy after Electrical Cardioversion

American College of Cardiology’s 68th Annual Scientific Session

Louisiana, USA | March 2019

Muhammad Siddique Pir, MD

Chest Pain and Neurologic Deficit: A Potentially Fatal Combination

American College of Cardiology’s 68th Annual Scientific Session

Louisiana, USA | March 2019

Najam Us Saqib, MD

Pheochromocytoma Presenting as Fulminant Renal Failure with Hemolytic Anemia in a Young Male

National Endocrine Society Annual Meeting

Louisiana, USA | March 2019

Divya, Ravi, MD

Trihexyphenidyl induced Psychosis

General Internal Medicine Conference

California, USA | May 2019

Khaled Said, MD

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