Meet Dr. Aline Sengchannavong, National Family Medicine Resident, Washington

Originally from California, Dr. Aline Sengchannavong was drawn to family medicine because of the continuity of care it provides and her interests in the use of a hospital duress alarm system. She was very familiar with HealthPoint even before joining The Wright Center’s National Family Medicine Residency program and enjoys the outpatient family medicine experience. The most memorable parts of residency, she says, are when she is able to see the patient-doctor relationship in action. “It’s about understanding your patient’s background and being able to work it into their care plans,” she explains.

Dr. Sengchannavong says that if she were not a doctor, she’d love to own a food truck; comfort food is her favorite thing to make! She says her grandmother is her inspiration and partner in her journey to medicine, and always wants to learn more about the profession. Dr. Sengchannavong’s brother, who she says is her best friend, would describe her as a mature and  maternal figure, a second mom in his life. In the future she hopes to travel more, and hopes to get to Hawaii some day. What does she want patients to know? “I like to lead from behind,” Dr. Sengchannavong  explains. “I’d rather be seen as a partner. I don’t want to be seen as authoritative.”

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