Meet Dr. Keyur Mavani, Graduate of The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education’s Cardiology Fellowship

After attending Baroda Medical College in India, Dr. Keyur Mavani completed his residency and cardiovascular fellowship at The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education. He recently returned to Northeast Pennsylvania and currently works as a Cardiologist at Geisinger Community Medical Center in Scranton. In celebratiodn of heart health month, we had a chance to sit down and catch up:

What inspired you to study medicine? My father is a doctor. Seeing him treat a variety of patients made me think that being a doctor is one of the most noble professions.

What led you to specialize in cardiology? Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the developed world, and it’s in the top five in the developing world. With this much disease burdening society, I was inspired to change the way people think about cardiovascular health and help them live longer, healthier lives. Cardiology is one of the fields where we have a significant amount of evidence based research, as well as scientific advances.

Why did you choose The Wright Center for your residency/fellowship? The philosophy of The Wright Center is one of the things led me to choose this program. I saw that The Wright Center’s residents and fellows get opportunities to work in many different environments, and learn how to work within a variety of health care practices. These environments include the VA Medical Center, private hospitals and not-for-profit health systems. The quality of education was also top-notch, even though the name of the program was not as well-known when I joined as the fellowship was relatively new.

How did your time at The Wright Center shape the way you practice medicine? I learned to be an effective and humble physician. I also learned the importance of the six areas of providing quality medical care as defined by the Institute of Medicine. I had great mentors and role models shape my way of practicing medicine.

What led you back to Northeast Pennsylvania? Northeast Pennsylvania is one of the best place to live. It has a diverse population; I felt welcome here as a foreign medical school graduate. I also have family nearby.

What led you to take a position at Geisinger? The philosophy of Geisinger is to provide high quality care at an affordable cost, which is what I was looking for. There are few organizations which are as good as Geisinger in providing quality care with cost containment at the same time.

Best and most challenging parts of your new position: The best part is making a difference by educating and treating patients regarding cardiovascular disease. The most challenging part is losing someone due to heart disease.

Plans for the future: I aim to help Northeastern Pennsylvania achieve high quality, efficient and affordable care. I plan to keep up with new technologies and research that will guide cardiovascular care and earn certifications in cardiac CT and eventually MRI if possible.

Advice for aspiring physicians: Internal medicine, and especially cardiology, is one of the best subspecialties of medicine. Keep working hard and smart to get your foot into cardiology.

Heart health tip: Following the DASH/Mediterranean diet, exercising about 150 minutes a week and maintaining a healthy weight would prevent many more deaths from cardiovascular disease than anything else. You can live healthy and long lives with good lifestyle.

Family: My wife, a computer engineer and stay-at-home mother, as well as a talkative 6-year-old and energetic 1-year old.

When you’re not at work: I’m travelling, watching American football and basketball or movies with my daughter and spending time with my little one.

People may not know: I climbed halfway through Grand Canyon, straight up from bottom without using the regular zig-zag path or any support or ropes. Next on my list would be skydiving.

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