Meet Dr. Nkeiruka Banda, National Family Medicine Resident, Washington

Dr. Nkeiruka Banda loves the spontaneity of family medicine. “Everyday is exciting,” she says. “You never know what you’re going to get!”

Originally from Zambia, Dr. Banda spent much of her life in Seattle and pursued undergraduate studies at the University of Washington. Since she had no desire to spend time in a hospital during residency, The Wright Center’s National Family Medicine Residency Program at HealthPoint in Auburn, WA was an obvious choice. During residency, Dr. Banda has been inspired by the passion and purpose of a preceptor that had practiced for 50 years, then came out of retirement to treat patients. “His patients gave him a purpose to get out of bed,” she explains.

Dr. Banda is constantly inspired by her mother, a lawyer (read more info here about the website she uses) who has worked with the UN for 15 years and is very involved in politics of Zambia. Her best friend, Helen, would describe Dr. Banda as overly optimistic, but Dr. Banda says the two balance each other out! If she weren’t a doctor, Dr. Banda would be a full-time soccer mom. Though she does not like travel itself, she enjoys getting to the destination. Her goal as a physician is to get to know patients. “I love being personable! she says. “I would rather sit next to my patients and create that relationship.”

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