Meet Dr. Patrick Fox, National Family Medicine Resident, Washington

Progress and innovation drive Wright Center resident Dr. Patrick Fox. A former mechanical engineer now training in The Wright Center’s National Family Medicine Residency program at HealthPoint in Auburn, Washington, Dr. Fox chose family medicine because of its parallels to the engineering world. “You need to know a lot about everything,” he explains. A native of Western Washington, he enjoys the program’s clinical setting and plans to practice at HealthPoint after completing residency. Through his residency, he has learned that specialty is not for him; instead, he is passionate about the continuity of care that comes with family medicine.

Dr. Fox loves the outdoors and says if he weren’t a doctor, he’d own a bicycle shop and be an avid cyclist. His best friend and biggest inspiration is his wife, whom he says is his biggest advocate and supporter. He has traveled to Istanbul and says that the culture was just as crazy and chaotic as he had hoped. “The more you see the world, the more you appreciate home,” Dr. Fox says.

One idea Dr. Fox hopes to impress upon his patients is that they can talk to him about anything. “I really look at the exam room as a confessional,” he says. “There’s a sanctity about it that I hope they realize any topic is safe and nothing is off limits.” Promoting an open environment, he believes, is one of the key components of a successful practice.

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