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Aliah Roseman

Medical Case Manager

Meet Aliah

Aliah Roseman is a medical case manager at The Wright Center for Community Health Ryan White Clinic. Though she says there is no such thing as a “typical day” at the office, her responsibilities include attending clinic appointments, accompanying clients to procedures, delivering food baskets and going through paperwork. In all that she does, Aliah aims to offer support and guidance to those navigating the complex healthcare system.

Originally a photojournalist, Aliah got a glimpse of the medical field during her father’s battle with a long illness. Witnessing the hospice workers and nurses attending to him inspired her to become a nurse; however, her fear of needles steered her in a different direction. After her father’s passing, a medical case manager became a huge support for Aliah’s mother, and it was this woman’s impact that cemented Aliah’s decision to make a career switch. Prior to joining The Wright Center for Community Health, she worked for several years in a behavioral school-based program.

Aliah grew up on a small farm in Mowry, PA and now lives in Scranton, PA. In addition to her work as a case manager, she is a professional special effects make-up artist who has had work featured in commercials and other advertisements. She enjoys traveling and has attended Easter Sunday Mass with Pope Francis at the Vatican. When she’s not at work, Aliah may be found hanging out with her cats, J. Catsby and Daisy Bucatan, or having a slice of her favorite pineapple and pepperoni pizza.

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