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Konstantin Talitskiy, MD

Internal Medicine Resident

Meet Konstantin

Konstantin Talitskiy, MD trains within The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education’s Internal Medicine Residency. Becoming a doctor has always been Dr. Talitskiy’s passion, and he shares that, through medicine, “I feel like I can make a gigantic difference and bring something meaningful into someone else’s life, which is very powerful and satisfying.” His journey was also inspired by his grandfather, who was unable to finish medical school due to The Great Purge, a 1930s campaign of political repression in the Soviet Union. “He had this internal ache for the rest of his life because he couldn’t complete his medical education,” explains Dr. Talitskiy. “I guess that, in some way, it was up to me to fulfill his dream, which has always been my dream.”

Dr. Talitskiy chose The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education because of the opportunity to practice in several healthcare settings, as well as the support system it offers. “The program is helping me grow not only as a doctor, but also a person,” he says. “The amount of multitasking is way more intense than I expected, but I realized that you can grow and become more comfortable with these situations. Something you thought you would never be able to accomplish is now considered an easy task.” His primary area of interest is cardiology, and he aims to practice hospital medicine following residency.

Dr. Talitskiy was born in Moscow, Russia and attended medical school at the Lomonosov Moscow State Univerisity Faculty of Medicine.

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