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Laurie Sargent, DDS

Dentist & Oral Health Program Director

Meet Laurie

Laurie Sargent, DDS, joined The Wright Center for Community Health in 2018 as a practicing dentist and Director of The Wright Center for Community Health’s Oral Health Program.

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Laurie received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Georgetown University and has over two decades of experience in cosmetic and community dentistry. In practice, Laurie strives to make every patient comfortable. “I like to put myself into their shoes,” she  says. “ ‘Do unto others as you would do unto yourself’ is an excellent practice principle that I hope to achieve with every patient visit.”

Laurie was born in Philadelphia and grew up in southern New Jersey. She received her Bachelor of Science from Mount Saint Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, MD and was inspired to pursue her dental degree by her mentor Dr. Bill Meredith, a science professor and botanist. After medical school, Laurie practiced as a cosmetic dentist for 20 years in the Pennsylvania/Maryland region before finding her way into community dentistry. She currently resides in downtown Scranton.

Want to learn more about Laurie? Check out our Q&A with her below:

Bachelor of Science, Mount Saint Mary’s University
Doctorate of Dental Surgery, Georgetown University

Inspiration to become a dentist:
Dr. Bill Meredith, my college science mentor and botanist, who taught me about the important things in life: education, caring for people, and stopping to smell the roses!

Three words that describe you:
Kind, skilled, respectful 

Most challenging part of patient education:
Helping someone form a new habit. I try to encourage people and help them with time-saving strategies, rather than lecture and admonish people for not maintaining their dental health.

Benefits of your job:
Our office is state-of-the-art and the dental team is amazing!  They are so conscientious and caring and deeply committed to community health. I also like being part of a bigger picture; The Wright Center for Community Health has been a pinnacle of healthcare for over forty years and continues to grow in both size and commitment to an integrated patient-centered care model.

Challenges of the profession:
Number one is a cure for caries (tooth decay), one of the most long-standing, incurable human body infections of all time. Another challenge is accessibility and affordability. Most people today expect to keep their teeth for their entire life, and our smile is a part of who we are. However, sugary foods, the drug epidemic and rising costs of even routine fillings (especially for the uninsured) are detrimental to good oral health.

What led you to NEPA?
I was born in Philly and grew up in southern New Jersey.  After dental school, I practiced for two decades as a cosmetic dentist in the Pennsylvania/Maryland region. The Wright Center for Community Health brought me here to help with the expansion of their community health program. I am already a fan of The Electric City and live downtown.

Favorite quote:
“Be Kind, and Have Courage” from Disney’s Cinderella

Favorite winter activity:
Sitting by a warm fire and watching people ski down the slopes

Winter dental care tip:
Get any “problem teeth” looked at prior to the cold weather. Also, try to walk on cleared pavement when possible; teeth are at risk when we take a fall on the ice.

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