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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Meet Sarah

Sarah Pettinato, LCSW practices at The Wright Center for Community Health Mid Valley Practice and is accepting new patients. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Sarah conducts individual therapy sessions and works within The Wright Center’s multidisciplinary care team to support patients who need additional services or intervention. 

Originally from Lancaster County, Sarah received her Bachelor’s in Social Work from Lockhaven University, and later pursued her Masters in Social Work at Marywood University. She joined The Wright Center in February 2018. She has worked with patients of all ages who have suffered trauma or loss, and those who struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction or relationship issues. “It is truly gratifying to help someone grow and change through some of their most challenging times in life,” she says. In her free time, Sarah enjoys doing yoga and exploring nature and says the lake is her “happy place.” She also enjoys spending time with her husband and young daughter, Adrianna. In work and in life, she strives to practice mindfulness. “It is easy to get caught up in all of the chaos of life, but so important to allow time to “just be” and enjoy quality time together,” she says.

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