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Undergraduate Medical Education

The Partnership

A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine (ATSU-SOMA) operates a 1-3 model of medical education where students spend their first year on campus in Mesa, Arizona, but spend years 2-4 at a Community Health Center located in underserved communities across the country.

Beginning in 2020, The Wright Center for Community Health will host 10 second-year students from ATSU-SOMA and, over time, 10 of each second to fourth year students for a full complement of 30 total students.

ATSU-SOMA is committed to training learners in the communities that they are from. Partnering with The Wright Center for Community Health will allow learners to experience Northeastern Pennsylvania and make an important contribution to renewing our local physician workforce.

The Wright Center for Community Health is excited to welcome its first class of ATSU-SOMA medical students next year. Although we do not have any student testimonials just yet, we would like to share a resident’s perspective on learning within our clinical learning environment.

“We work very closely with the attendings and faculty. I love that we are all assigned mentors who can help to push us to go after our goals, which sometimes feel too far out of reach. The faculty are constantly interacting with us on a daily basis, and make us feel very comfortable asking for help or advice. There is a very open line of communication and everyone is just a phone call away whenever needed. I look up to the faculty we work alongside and I hope that when my time is done here I will be able to carry myself as professionally as they do each day."

Dr. Kelly O'Leary, Internal Medicine Resident

Are you interested in visiting The Wright Center for Community Health?

Our team holds student visits every third Monday of the month from 9am - 1pm. Please contact Eileen Howells at for further details.

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