ACGME places The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education’s Sponsoring Institution on probationary accreditation status

 The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) on Jan. 21 notified The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education that its Sponsoring Institution was being placed on probationary accreditation status following a recent site visit.

All residency and fellowship programs at The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education School remain accredited and a repeat ACGME site visit is already scheduled for August 2022. The probationary status will not impact incoming, current or graduating residents and fellows. 

“We take probationary accreditation status very seriously and are moving forward quickly so we can improve and remove probationary status as quickly as possible,” said Dr. Jumee Barooah, designated institutional official of The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education. “We will be working hard not just to meet, but to exceed ACGME standards when it comes to re-attaining full accreditation status.” 

The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education has not received the full report from the ACGME, which can take up to 60 days. The ACGME site visit was in response to The Wright Center’s lower-than-national average scores on annual resident surveys. Based on initial feedback from ACGME, The Wright Center anticipates corrective action plans for administrative issues that were reviewed and discussed with the ACGME site-visit team.

Some of the steps The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education has taken or plans to take include:

  1. Increasing resources, including hiring additional staff, to support the graduate medical education office and residency and fellowship programs;
  2. Retaining an independent, national expert on ACGME accreditation to evaluate the operation, oversight and supervision of the graduate medical education program and to make recommendations for improvement;
  3. Enhancing and bolstering the Resident & Fellow Wellness Resiliency program;
  4. Furthering open communication efforts with residents and fellows through climate surveys, town halls and one-on-ones with executive management;
  5. Launching Sanctuary Model training for all employees that will provide guiding principles and specific tools to address the ways trauma, adversity and chronic stress influence individuals as well as entire organizations.

“With the backing of The Wright Center’s powerful mission and tireless support of our amazing residents, fellows and staff, we are confident that we are well on our way to achieving total compliance with ACGME standards,” Dr. Barooah said. “We are grateful for everyone’s ongoing efforts in this regard.”

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