Complaint & Grievance Procedures

The Wright Center for Community Health values the feedback of our patients and their family members regarding the quality of care they have received at our primary and preventive care clinics in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Ensuring that every patient receives exceptional care is always the top priority of the care teams. It is important for The Wright Center for Community Health to understand a patient’s unsatisfactory experience with a provider, member of the staff, or anything related to care so the appropriate medical staff can find a solution to better the experience of all patients and improve the entire organization.

The Wright Center for Community Health has complaint and grievance procedures in place if you have an unsatisfactory experience.

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Please do one of the following:

  • During your visit, express your dissatisfaction with your care or treatment to a member of your care team or the practice manager.


  • Send a message to your care team or practice manager via the Patient Portal.


  • Patients can also call 570.230.0019 to speak to the practice manager where they receive care.

The Wright Center for Community Health practice managers and locations include:

Betsy Miller

Clarks Summit Practice:
Betsy Miller, practice manager

Mallory Phillips

Hawley Practice:
Mallory Phillips, coordinator

Raelynn McCafferty

Mid Valley Practice:
Raelynn McCafferty, practice manager

Tiffany Richmond

North Pocono & North Scranton Practice:
Tiffany Richmond, coordinator

Desiree Howe

School-Based Practice:
Desiree Howe, coordinator

Betsy Miller

Scranton Counseling Center Practice:
Betsy Miller, practice manager

Beth Ebersole

Scranton Practice:
Beth Ebersole, practice manager

Kimeth Robinson

Wilkes-Barre Practice:
Kimeth Robinson, practice manager

Ryan White HIV Clinic:
Judith Chavez, coordinator

Kim McGoff

Kim McGoff, director of operations

Patrick Kirby

Behavioral Health:
Patrick Kirby, manager

Anthony Beltran

Driving Better Health:
Anthony Beltran, coordinator

The Wright Center for Community Health’s complaint and grievance policy instructs the responsible manager and/or director to respond to a patient’s grievance within three business days. If an investigation is warranted, a final letter will be sent to the complainant within three business days of its resolution.