Community Care Teams

Patient Support Services

Patient care at The Wright Center extends far beyond our walls and into the neighborhoods and communities where our families live, work and go to school. 

Through our patient support services and community outreach programs, we go beyond caring for the sick. Wherever you are on your wellness journey, The Wright Center will help you live your healthiest, happiest life. 

Case Managers

Case management services are provided by our dedicated team of healthcare professionals who work with patients to identify barriers preventing you from reaching your healthcare goals. Our case managers work closely with our medical and behavioral health teams while providing support and guidance to patients when it comes to the appropriate delivery of health services while identifying and coordinating community resources to provide whole-person care. 

Community Health Workers

We know that health barriers come in many forms. That’s why at each visit, our providers conduct a personalized assessment for each patient to determine if you need additional care. These findings are then communicated to our Community Health Workers who connect our families with helpful resources.

Our Community Health Workers:

  • Facilitate safe housing and refer for in-home safety needs
  • Assist with transportation barriers
  • Address food insecurity
  • Provide culturally appropriate care
  • Support medication management
  • Improve communication between families and providers 
  • Build partnerships with community service organizations
  • Teach life skills 
  • Assist with insurance

Healthcare Social Workers 

Our healthcare social workers help patients access services and education related to health problems. Their goal is to have you achieve and maintain a state of optimal health so you can function in your daily life. Social workers act as a patient advocate, educator, advisor, coordinator of care, and strive to preserve the healthcare and dignity of the vulnerable populations we serve.

Patient Care Coordinators

Patient Care Coordinators are your health educators, whether it’s our diabetes educators or Lifestyle Medicine team. They’re on hand to help patients with nutritional counseling, or to help patients understand and alleviate chronic disease. Care Coordinators assist with:

  • Coordinating Patient Care
  • Creating Health Goals
  • Managing Chronic Health Conditions


Our Hospitalists are experts in taking care of you when you’re in the hospital. As a member of your care team, our hospitalists work with your primary care provider, care managers and other hospital services to manage and coordinate your care. So while you’re hospitalized, rest assured that our primary focus is you.

Care Managers

Patients transition from hospital inpatient discharge to home, inpatient to skilled nursing, inpatient to home health, outpatient discharge and more. Your patient experience doesn’t end when you leave the hospital. Patients often need consistent guidance and support at every step of their healthcare journey. The Wright Center’s Transitional Care team manages education, care team communication, follow-up, outreach, medication adherence and more. 

HIV Peer Support Services

Peers in HIV care are specially-trained individuals who serve on your healthcare team to provide you with information, support, and assistance in navigating services. HIV peers are often living with HIV, but not always. Their qualifications and roles rest on their connection with the community – and the patients – they serve.  

Certified Recovery Specialists

Our Certified Recovery Specialists provide guidance and support on your recovery journey. They position our patients for long-term success by developing personal recovery plans and will introduce and engage patients in the recovery community. In addition, they will provide assistance accessing community resources, including housing, transportation, recovery support, and serve as advocates for every patient.