Application Requirements


All applications are accepted only through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service). Learn more about a resource our graduate medical education residencies are partaking in, ERAS 2024 Program Signaling. Our residency programs participate in The MATCH – National Resident Matching Program for ACGME applicants. 

Applying to Residencies
Applying to Fellowships

Residency Applicant NRMP Checklist
Fellowship Applicant NRMP Checklist

Our minimum requirements are:

The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education accepts applicants who are U.S. citizens, individuals with permanent resident status, and individuals requiring J-1 visas. U.S. Clinical Experience is required. (U.S. Clinical Experience is defined as hands-on experience working with patients conducted in a U.S. medical environment.)

Interview Formats and Recruiting Activities

Please see this important memo regarding interviews.

Interviews will be conducted virtually for all regional residency and fellowship programs based in Pennsylvania. Our National Family Medicine Program will offer a hybrid interview format for all of its locations. Virtual interviews will be conducted through Thalamus ( or Webex, depending upon the program.

A typical interview day consists of two (2) interviews, which can take approximately a total of one (1) hour:

  • Program Director (20-30min): 1:1 Interview
  • Panel Interview (20-30min): This will be a format consisting of a representative from our physician faculty, a resident, and the program coordinator.

Some programs may conduct more than two interviews.

If selected for an interview, you’ll receive an invitation from Thalamus (if applicable). We’ll be offering both morning and afternoon sessions to accommodate and respect all time zones.

Once you schedule an interview with us, you’ll receive detailed information for your interview sessions, application instructions for virtual interviews, and other pertinent information.

We will be offering virtual, social “Meet & Greet” events for you to meet with our current residents/fellows and learn more about us and our organization. These events are typically scheduled one week prior to the interview day.

This year, some programs will be offering optional on-site visits for applicants who have been selected to interview. Your presence or absence from these on-site events will have absolutely no bearing on how you are ranked. Its only purpose is to allow you to get a better feel for the program. 

Information regarding logistics and formatting of interviews and other recruitment activities will be provided by each program at or near the time of the interview invitation. For programs that will offer optional on-site visits, applicants will receive more details and RSVP instructions in our interview correspondence with you.

We would be delighted to help you with any accommodations and advanced preparation for Interview Day. Please reach out to Marina McLaughlin at with any questions about your interview day.

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Our program codes:

Regional Family Medicine

ERAS ACGME ID:1204121284
NRMP ID:3056120C0

National Family Medicine

ERAS ACGME ID:1204100696
NRMP ID:3056120C1

ERAS ACGME ID:1204100696
NRMP ID:3056120C4

ERAS ACGME ID:1204100696
NRMP ID:3056120C3

Washington, D.C.
ERAS ACGME ID:1204100696
NRMP ID:3056120C2

Internal Medicine

ERAS ACGME ID:1404121390
NRMP ID:3056140M0

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

ERAS ACGME ID: 3404100001
NRMP ID: 3056340C0


ERAS ACGME ID:4004100274
NRMP ID:3056400C0

Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship

ERAS ACGME ID: 1414121291
NRMP ID: 3056141F0

Gastroenterology Fellowship

ERAS ACGME ID: 1444114221
NRMP ID: 3056144F0

Geriatrics Fellowship

ERAS= ACGME ID: 1514114136
NRMP ID: 3056151F0