Patient & Community Engagement

Our Mission

The mission of The Wright Center for Patient & Community Engagement is to empower patients to make meaningful contributions to the delivery, enhancement, and transformation of health care services and interprofessional workforce development and to improve the health of our communities through education, advocacy, and patient-centered services and efforts directed toward the Social and Economic Determinants of Health.

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Improving your access to care

The Wright Center for Patient & Community Engagement inspires and nurtures interactions with patients, the community and like-minded organizations to energize our mission with an increased focus on patient and community engagement and support. We focus on improving access to health care while addressing the negative social and economic determinants of health that affect our patients, including food insecurity, homelessness, poverty, and access to education.

Patient & Community Engagement enhances The Wright Center for Community Health’s ability to determine outreach priorities as we continue to meet the health care needs of the most vulnerable in our community. Board members provide oversight, direction, and support for The Wright Center for Patient & Community Engagement’s team members and their efforts, offering their unique perspectives on community needs, resources, and connections, to develop and maintain active, collaborative relationships with our patients and the community at large.