COVID-19 Response

Learning in the trenches

The Wright Center never wavered in service to our community during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to the tireless efforts of our Emergency Preparedness teams, our steadfast employees and physician learners who continued to hold the front lines of care and the dedicated administrative staff who supported daily mission delivery. Our doors stayed open and we all demonstrated what it looks like to be privileged to serve. 

Our cutting-edge approach to caring for the community started with meeting the high demand for outpatient COVID testing and then our historic deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine just in time for the winter holiday season. We also launched outpatient COVID-19 Therapy using monoclonal antibodies which saved COVID-positive patients from having damaging or life-threatening reactions to the virus. 

While the pandemic presented no shortage of challenges, it also empowered our staff and physician learners to embrace opportunities to serve our mission in new ways. Whether it was the launch of our telehealth services, a re-designed website or our deployment of innovative technological solutions to ensure continued care and learning, the common theme of our COVID response was resilience.