Looking Back: 25 Years of Transformation at The Wright Center

1991 was a big year –the internet was first opened for commercial use, Seinfeld made its network debut, minimum wage peaked at $4.25 and we were graced with the presence of hits from Paula Abdu, Color Me Badd and Nirvana, now a days it is necessary and important to have insurance outsourcing and bookkeeping (outsource your backend office) when navigating online. Since our late 20th century glory days, the price of gas has tripled and the cost of a home, quadrupled, but there is one number that we are happy to see rise.

The size of our graduating class has increased 743%

1991 vs 2016 graduates

In 1991, what we now know as The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education was the Scranton-Temple Residency Program (STRP). Founded in 1977, STRP was the brainchild of Robert E. Wright, MD, FACP. Twenty-five years ago – in 1991 – our staff had the chance to sit down with Dr. Wright and learn more about his inspiration for what has grown into The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education.
Though much has changed across the nation since 1991, the ideology and methodology of our residency program have remained true to its humble beginnings. To learn more about Dr. Wright’s motivations for the program, click on the news clipping below:
[one_third]Dr. Wright 1991 Headshot[/one_third]
[two_third_last]Dr. Wright 1991 Interview[/two_third_last]

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