Our Sanctuary journey is underway

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Our Sanctuary journey is underway

Where we’ve been and where we’re going.

At this moment, almost 90 people have been deeply immersed in Sanctuary training. It is quite likely that someone you work with, email daily, or meet with via Webex has been in one of these trainings, including every member of the executive leadership team.

I am personally grateful to everyone in these photos for making the time for these trainings. Some of this training was uncomfortable. It was an emotionally and mentally exhausting week followed by a week of catch-up.

And still, there remains much to do.

What happens next is the forming of what Sanctuary calls the Core Implementation Team (CIT) or just Core Team. This is a cross-departmental group inside The Wright Center that will carry out the gritty details of operationalizing Sanctuary and embedding the Sanctuary Tool Kit into the subcultures of each service line, program, and project. There will be train-the-trainer opportunities, community projects, volunteer work, and options for engagement both as a CIT member and less formally.

But, for now, just a note of thanks and of hopefulness.

We’re really doing it.

Sanctuary is here.


Generally speaking, we are doing all of this to have a better time while we’re on the planet. As we get into Whole-Person Wellness long term, having fun with laughter-inducing activities should be part of the plan. We will be soliciting ideas for fun through CIT and other venues, so start thinking about things that make you giggle AND are work appropriate.

To that end, enjoy the incredible thought leadership below:

Thank you for participating in our ongoing journey and (hopefully) reading along as we move along together on this Sanctuary journey.


Meaghan P. Ruddy, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President
Academic Affairs, Enterprise Assessment and Advancement,
and Chief Research and Development Officer

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