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Jignesh Y. Sheth, MD, MPH, is Chief Medical Officer of The Wright Center Community Health and Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations for The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education. He practices internal medicine at The Wright Center for Community Health Mid Valley Practice and is active in the clinical learning experiences of residents.


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Dr. Sheth has worked at The Wright Center for Community Health since 2009, when he joined his mentor and guide, Linda Thomas-Hemak, MD, in practice at The Wright Center for Community Health Mid Valley Practice. In his current role, Dr. Sheth leads clinical initiatives to deliver quality, non-discriminatory care to patients across northeast Pennsylvania. He is committed to preparing residents to succeed as nimble leaders in an ever-changing healthcare landscape. Dr. Sheth promotes team-based, patient-centered care management and aims to cultivate an inclusive culture of learning and accountability where outcomes are prevalent. He actively leads population and data management initiatives to empower patients, develop tools to address risk and help patients overcome barriers to care.

Dr. Sheth has immersed himself in EMR Meaningful Use implementation and practice transformation initiatives. He brings an enlightened frame of reference to link espoused systems theory of high-performing healthcare delivery to actionable and measurable processes promoting necessary change. He is an active physician leader within the Chronic Care/Practice Transformation Initiative (CCI), spearheaded by the Pennsylvania Governor’s Office of Health Care Reform.

By leading practice workflow redesign, Dr. Sheth continually ensures that patient-centeredness and quality of care remain the main focus of any clinical initiatives. Time-driven, activity-based cost methodology and individual and team-based metrics have helped establish accountability of staff and, most importantly, trackable betterment of public health under his leadership. His team is continually challenged and empowered to strive toward The Triple Aim (improving the patient experience of care, improving the health of populations and reducing the per capita cost of healthcare) and to responsibly promote the health and welfare of individuals and communities in the United States.

Dr. Sheth is the acting Medical Director of The Wright Center for Community Health Mid Valley Practice, a leading practice in the Pennsylvania Chronic Care Initiative and designated as one of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s “Top 30 Most Innovative Primary Care Practices in the United States.” The Wright Center for Community Health Mid Valley Practice was certified as an NCQA Level-3 practice in 2012 and re-certified in 2015 under his leadership.

Dr. Sheth graduated from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, India, in 2004 with honors in biochemistry and general medicine. He moved to the United States in 2004, earning a Master of Public Health from Northern Illinois University. Dr. Sheth has been committed to a generalist career in medicine since his initial decision to become a physician and he completed his residency with The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education (formerly the Scranton Temple Residency Program) in 2009. He resides in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania with his wife and son.