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Certified Recovery Specialist

Meet Martin

Martin Russo works with patients of The Wright Center for Community Health Mid Valley Practice Center of Excellence (COE) program. He is a Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) certified provider and can assist individuals struggling with substance use disorder.

As a Certified Recovery Specialist, he combines his own experience with opioid misuse and specialized training to work alongside patients during their journey to recovery. Along with offering peer support, Martin guides patients through the process of receiving mandatory physical and mental evaluation and behavioral health counseling. He also encourages them to seek help with pain management and connects them with other support groups and programs. Having recovered from nearly two decades of opioid misuse in 2010, Martin is determined to make the journey easier for those still struggling. He says,  “I share a lot of my experiences with them and give them the hope that yes, you too can get through this.” 

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