GME’s National Family Medicine Residency Program Offers ‘Innovations in Community Care’

A Virtual Series that Addresses Innovative Health Care for Underserved Populations

Scranton, Pa. (Oct. 8, 2021) – The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education is offering the nine-week video series, “Innovations in Community Care: A Virtual Series,” on The Wright Center for Community Health’s YouTube channel. 

The informative series includes brief talks about topics in community medicine and how faculty and residents in a family medicine residency program provide innovative, high-quality care to underserved populations in communities they serve. The series’ playlist can be found here.

The series was produced under the guidance of Lawrence LeBeau, D.O., national family medicine residency program director at The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education. The presentation and discussion series was organized by faculty in The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education’s National Family Medicine Residency Program’s affiliated community health center partners: El Rio Health, Tucson, Arizona; Unity Health Care, Washington, D.C.; HealthSource of Ohio, Hillsboro, Ohio, and HealthPoint, Auburn, Washington.

The topics include: 

  • “Value of POCUS in Low-Resource Settings,” with Andrew Will Dixon, M.D., and James Huang, M.D.;
  • “Innovative Approaches to Refugee Health Care in the FQHC Setting,” presented by Dr. Shoshana Aleinikoff, M.D.;
  • “FQHC-Hospital Partnership,” with Tara Simpson, M.D.; 
  • “Lifestyle Management through Group Visits,” presented by Darlene Lawrence, M.D.: 
  • “Asylum Evaluations,” with Andrew Will Dixon, M.D., and Catherine Njiru-Sewer, D.O.;
  • “Low Barrier Care Model for People with Substance Use Disorders,” presented by Nathan Kittle, M.D., and Cara Dalbey, Psy.D.;
  • “Medicine for the Incarcerated,” with Eleni O’Donovan, M.D., and Khalid Ebrahim, M.D.;
  • “Medicine for the Unhoused,” presented by Andrew Will Dixon, M.D., and Anam Whyne, D.O.;
  • “Osteopathic Practice in the FQHC Setting,” with Gayatri Menon, D.O.

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