Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education resident physicians present scholarly research posters at American College of Physicians Poster Day

Scranton, Pa. (Oct. 22, 2021) – Resident physicians in The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education’s internal medicine program presented scholarly research posters at the American College of Physicians Pennsylvania Eastern Region Virtual Poster Day and Doctor’s Dilemma Competition in October.

Resident physicians in training who presented at the conference are:

  • Mohammad Asim Amjad, M.D., presented the case report poster, “Candida Empyema Thoracis: A Fungal Mystery.” Zamara Hamid, M.D., and Yamini Patel, M.D. co-authored the scholarly work.
  • Shams Tasnim, M.D., was the primary author of the scholarly case report poster, “Pulmonary Benign Metastasizing Leiomyoma from Uterine Leiomyoma a Decade after Hysterectomy,” with co-authors Nishant Sharma, M.D., and Pius Ochieng, M.D.
  • Viren Raheja, M.D., offered the case report presentation, “ECMO to the Rescue.” Co-authors included Andalib Hossain, M.D., and Dr. Patel.
  • Hamza Hanif, M.D., offered the case report, “Left Ventricular Apical Aneurysm in Absence of Coronary Artery Disease: A Case Report,” with co-authors Raza Naseer, M.D., Abdul Ahad Ehsan Sheikh, M.D., Muhammad Siddique Pir, M.D., and Dr. Amjad.
  • Sanskriti Shrivastava, M.D., presented the case report, “Recurrent Venous Thromboembolism Following Paper Wasp Bite in an Adult Male.” The reports co-authors included Hunain Aslam, M.D., and Anil K. Singh, M.D.
  • Chaitanya Rojulpote, M.D., was the primary author of the research poster, “Socioeconomic Status and Trends in Hospitalization and All-Cause In-Hospital Mortality Amongst Patients Admitted with Atrial Fibrillation in the United States,” with co-authors Shivaraj Patil, Abdul Sheik, Anshul Patel, Kristina Tanovic, Erin McFadden, Nevena Barjaktarovic and Ivan Cvorovic.
  • Tripti Chopade, M.D., offered the scholarly case report, “An Interesting Case of Refractory Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura in an HIV Patient with Relapse: Failure to Triumph!”
  • Ali Akram, M.D., presented the case report poster, “Ovarian Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Masquerading as an Ovarian Cyst Following a Primary CNS Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma: A Diagnostic Dilemma,” with co-authors Sreekant Avula, M.D., Navharsh Sekhon, M.D., Qasim Zafar Iqbal, M.D., Numan Fateh, M.D., and Dr. Chopade.
  • Raza Naseer, M.D., presented the case report, “Amiodarone Induced Pulmonary Toxicity Versus COVID-19 Pneumonia: A Diagnostic Dilemma.” Usman Manzoor, M.D., and Sanya Badar, M.D., and Drs. Sheikh, Amjad and Hanif co-authored the scholarly work.

Overall, student physicians in The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education have had 71 scholarly abstracts, written on a wide array of topics in medicine, accepted for presentation at professional conferences since the beginning of the 2021-22 academic year.

The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education is the nation’s largest Health Resources and Services Administration-funded Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education Consortium. It trains highly skilled physicians in community-immersed, clinical-learning networks that strive to address the nation’s physician shortage and related health care access disparities. Resident doctors can choose from programs in internal medicine, family medicine, national family medicine and psychiatry. Fellowships also are available in cardiovascular disease, gastroenterology and geriatrics.  

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