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ERAS Residency Application Requirements

All applications are accepted only through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service). Our residency program participates in The MATCH - National Resident Matching Program for ACGME applicants.

Our minimum requirements are:
• Completion of the ERAS common application form by December 1st
• A copy of your medical school transcript
• A copy of your USMLE transcript/COMLEX transcript (preferred a passage on first attempt)
• A copy of your valid ECFMG certificate if an international medical graduate
• Three (3) current clinical letters of recommendation (must be dated within a year)
• A personal statement explaining your interest in the program to which you are applying.
• Preferred Medical school graduation date within five years of application
• A copy of your valid ECFMG certificate if an international medical graduate
The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education accepts applicants who are U. S. Citizens, individuals with permanent resident status and a limited number of individuals requiring J-1 or F-1 OPT (to be selected on a case-by-case basis). US Clinical Experience required. (US Clinical Experience is defined as hands-on experience working with patients conducted in a US medical environment.)

Our program codes are listed below:

ERAS ACGME ID:1404121390
NRMP ID:3056140M0
ERAS ACGME ID:1404100911
NRMP ID:3056140M1

Regional Family Medicine:
ERAS ACGME ID:1204121284
NRMP ID:3056120C0

National Family Medicine:

ERAS ACGME ID:1204100696
NRMP ID:3056120C1

ERAS ACGME ID:1204100696
NRMP ID:3056120C4

ERAS ACGME ID:1204100696
NRMP ID:3056120C3

Washington, D.C.
ERAS ACGME ID:1204100696
NRMP ID:3056120C2

ERAS ACGME ID:4004100274
NRMP ID:3056400C0

ERAS: ACGME ID 1414121291

ERAS: ACGME ID 1444114221

ERAS: ACGME ID 1514114136

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