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Residency and Fellowship Salary & Benefits

• PGY1 — $55,640
• PGY2 — $55,640
• PGY3 — $55,872
• PGY4 — $61,027

• PGY4 — $61,027
• PGY5 — $61,027
• PGY6 — $61,027
Highmark Blue Cross provides health insurance. There are two medical plan options available:

Plan Option One:
PPO Healthy Savings 2000 (Qualified High Deductible Plan)
• Health Savings Account (HSA) available with the plan
• TWC gives an employer contribution into the HSA

Plan Option Two:
PPO Blue Sharing
With either plan, you may search to find a provider in your area.
Guardian Dental
• Dental coverage annual maximum is $1500
• You may search to find a provider in your area
• The Wright Center pays 100% of the premium for individual dental coverage. If you wish to cover dependents, you are responsible for the difference in premium.
Davis Vision
The Wright Center pays 100% of the premium for individual coverage. If you wish to cover dependents you will be responsible for paying the difference between the premiums.
• The Wright Center pays 100% of the premium
• The Wright Center provides coverage that pays a benefit of 60% of your earnings to a maximum monthly benefit of $5,000 per month
Flexible spending accounts (FSA) provide you with the opportunity to set aside pre-tax dollars for certain out-of-pocket health care, dependent daycare, adoption expenses and transportation costs, thereby lowering the amount of income tax you pay through payroll.
Vacation leave is outlined in the resident’s contract as follows:

• First Year: 3 weeks
• Second Year: 3 weeks plus 1 week educational leave
• Third Year: 3 weeks plus 1 week educational leave
• Fourth Year (if applicable): 3 weeks plus 1 week educational leave
The following days are Wright Center Resident Official Holidays:

• Independence Day
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving Day
• Christmas Day
• New Year’s Day
• Memorial Day
Upon entry to the training program, house staff is provided with two (2) Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education lab coats to be worn during training duties. An additional lab coat will be issued to residents annually as needed. If a Resident should require more lab coats, the Resident will be solely responsible for the cost.
PGY 1 Residents: To be eligible to start residency training, PGY 1 Residents must demonstrate current certifications in basic and advanced life support as required by their training programs. Residents are not permitted to start residency until they have completed required training and submitted copies of course completion cards for the required Resuscitation Training to the program coordinator. If the Resident’s current card(s) expire before September, they must renew prior to starting.

PGY 2 – 3 – 4 Residents and PGY 4-5-6 Fellows: Recertification fees will be paid by WCGME upon the first attempt.
PGY-1/OGME-1, PGY-2/OGME-2, PGY-3/OGME-3, PGY-4 Residents, along with PGY-4, PGY-5, PGY-6 Fellows, will be provided with a total educational allowance of $2,400 to be utilized over the Resident/Fellow’s entire training years. The allowance may be used for book, conference or other approved continuing medical educational expenditures.
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